Ageing Management and Preparation of Long-Term Operation

2022 IAEA International Data Visualization Competition on Plant Life Management

Monitoring of Nuclear Share and Reactors Age around the globe

1. World Reactors Map

In this map, Reactors locations on the map are shown and they are divided into 5 specific group by age. Every spot on the map in included reactors name, count of operating units on this plant and average age among all opeating units on that nuclear power plant.

  • All the data extracted from PRIS IAEA website
  • Locations of nuclear power plants are aproximate
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2. Nuclear Share Map

Nuclear power share map, present countries in four different groups based on nuclear power share percentage. All the details about nuclear power share and total net electrical capacity is shown on the map. Also Reactors on operation, under construction and permanently shotdown are mentioned for every countries. Life time factors based on PRIS website are mentioned in the map for all countries.

  • EAF: The energy availability factor over a specified period, is the ratio of the energy that the available capacity could have produced during this period, to the energy that the reference unit power could have produced during the same period.
  • UCF: Unit capability factor is defined as the ratio of the available energy generation over a given time period to the reference energy generation over the same time period, expressed as a percentage. Both of these energy generation terms are determined relative to reference ambient conditions.
  • UCL: Unplanned energy loss is energy that was not produced during the period because of unplanned shutdowns, outage extensions, or unplanned load reductions due to causes under plant management control. Energy loss is considered to be unplanned if it is not scheduled at least four weeks in advance.
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